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We come to you!

We can help teach you and your guests how to make some amazing meals; learn some super helpful kitchen tips; hands-on, interactive techniques and experimentation with flavors, spices, herbs and such all while having a great time with, of course, a super delicious meal at the end of the class! 

  • Ever wonder how to sear the perfect scallop?  

  • Want to create delectable nibbles for your next home party?  

  • Is there a dream menu you wish to create?  

  • A specific dish?  

  • Maybe you want to know how to impress your guests with a delectable paella?  

  • How to cook for a large group?  

  • Need the best do-it-ahead weekday meal planning ‘‘tis and recipes?  

  • Any special dietary concern you’d like to learn how to create loaded with variety and flavor?  

  • We can show you how! 

Using the freshest ingredients, we will interactively create magic, together!
Minimum fee required.  (Recommended for at least 8 or more people)

Please call 914-494-9951 or email us at to discuss.

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There is literally no limit as to what we can create for you!

Please NoteOur prices are generally higher  than most Hudson Valley  & Colorado area Caterers (but not all!) - the reason being is we ALWAYS start with the absolute highest quality, organic, local ingredients...our meats/poultry are always all-natural, pasture raised, hormone-free, locally and lovingly raised (and humanely slaughtered) and our fish/seafood is always wild, not farmed.


Fresh herbs, loads of flavor, creativity and LOVE in every bite!

We also take food safety and hygiene VERY seriously...NYS Dept. of Health Food Safety Certified...this is of utmost importance!  Our respect for food and for you is insurmountable!

“When you make food with sincerity without losing your concentration, the food will reveal its true taste.” ~ Immortal Classic