Having been involved in production for twenty years, Sarah Chianese knows the utmost of importance of a super well-fed crew/talent!  We will work closely with your producer to create delicious, hearty and healthy, well-balanced meals for your entire production.


Please contact us today to let us know your film/tv/theatre/music/photography/commercial (or whatever form your production is in) production catering needs are.  Serious inquiries only, no job too large, on-site and location catering capabilities available.  We look super forward to creating amazing meals that your crew and talent will look extremely forward to!


As much advance notice as possible, and as much information you can provide us in your initial inquiry will definitely save time!  Dates, name of production company, title of production, main contact, email, phone, meal times, location(s), number of crew/talent to feed, budget, special dietary concerns, allergies, world flavor preferences, etc.  

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