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Mangia And Enjoy!

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Woodstock, NY

Saugerties, NY

Hudson Valley - Catskills

NYC - Westchester - Rockland County Connecticut - Long Island - NJ

Colorado Springs, CO

Garden of the Gods

Denver, CO

Vail, CO

and surrounding areas


WE TRAVEL!  Abroad or across the Country!
Destination Events Welcome - Please inquire.  
So long as there is a clean kitchen to cook in, and seasonal/regional foods to cook with, we pack our bags and join you wherever you wish to go...


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Cooking with Love! Chef Sarah Chianese and her team firmly believes in Harriet Van Horne's quote: "Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abandon, or not at all!" Now, with Mangia and Enjoy! ... it is available to those who enjoy healthy, delicious food made with local, organic ingredients, loads of flavor, and most of all, LOVE!

The passion of cooking is one which delights our need to nurture, create and spread health and happiness. Creating magical, personalized and memorable flavor experiences on the most celebratory days of your lives is our deep and utmost pleasure! Mangia and Enjoy!

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There is literally no limit as to what we can create for you!

Please NoteOur prices are generally higher  than most Hudson Valley  & Colorado area Caterers (but not all!) - the reason being is we ALWAYS start with the absolute highest quality, organic, local ingredients...our meats/poultry are always all-natural, pasture raised, hormone-free, locally and lovingly raised (and humanely slaughtered) and our fish/seafood is always wild, not farmed.


Fresh herbs, loads of flavor, creativity and LOVE in every bite!

We also take food safety and hygiene VERY seriously...NYS Dept. of Health Food Safety Certified...this is of utmost importance!  Our respect for food and for you is insurmountable!

“When you make food with sincerity without losing your concentration, the food will reveal its true taste.” ~ Immortal Classic