Examples of Vegan Meal Plans

Pick-up or delivery (for a fee) available

Weekly meal plans (either 5 or 7 day, 1-3 meals/day) available.  All dietary restrictions creatively honored.  World flavors celebrated.  Healthy and exciting variety.  Perfect for busy families or great for you and your co-workers at your place of business!)


5-7 meals a week (1 meal a day) minimum: families or groups of at least 8 or more

3 meals a day for 5/7 days, minimum of 8 people per meal, but higher quantities definitely welcomed.


Perhaps a few families in your neighborhood want to do this with you?  Or various businesses in your area?  If so, We offer Discounts for groups/families sized 20 or more per meal.

Please call for your consult.  Ten business day advance notice for all weekly meal plans, so let’s start planning now!


Food must be stored in food-safe temperatures at your location.

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