We have in-house supplies for your event that will likely amount to quite a discount over using outside rentals when combined in a package from us.

What we have in our inventory, available to rent directly from us if we are providing the catering/staffing services:

Bar/Beverage Needs:

  • Bartender kits

  • Galvanized tubs

  • Galvanized Beer/Beverage Tub on iron stand with wheels with attached bottle opener 

  • Beverage Dispensers

  • Large coolers (with and without wheels)


  • Vintage  Eclectic  Collection for events up to 75 people

  • Brightly colored assorted stoneware plates/mugs for casual/outdoor affairs for up to 100 (great for casual, afternoon events or if you just want brightly colored and happy dishes to be different from standard colors.)

  • Family style platters for events up to 280 (or up to 28 tables)

  • Eco-conscious durable bamboo/peach gum cream colored rectangular platters for either serving passed hors d’oeurves or for long family style platters

  • Bamboo wood serving utensils (for up to 100 dishes)

  • Olive boats and condiment holders of many different varieties 

  • Beautiful iron woven stylish bread baskets

  • Poplar wood bread baskets

  • Iron tabletop pizza stands (also serve nicely as tiered dimension for your stationary market tables or other uses)

  • Many beautiful wood platters of assorted shapes/sizes

  • Large assortment of Slate menu signs, food signs and coasters (our assorted colored chalk pens make for beautiful signage for food titles of dishes, beverage/alcohol markers, or for table numbers, etc.)

  • Coffee Urns and airpots to keep your beverages hot for hours

  • Decorative Ceremonial cake cutting set

  • 6 Large espresso (Biletto style) makers (in case you’d like an old-school espresso station)

  • Beautiful glass containers for everything from milk/creamer sets, sugar/tea holders,  floral holders, candle holders, salad dressing holders, straw holders, etc...many of them also come with decorative iron holders and galvanized holders to complete your look)

  • Complete stationary market table serveware (much to choose from) to make your spread look absolutely gorgeous (especially when loaded up with our delectable food!)

  • Beautiful stone, wood and melamine serving platters and bowls (separate list from matching serveware sets that accommodate 28 tables)

  • Slow-roaster cooking ovens (8)

  • Tabletop convection Ovens (2)

  • Induction stovetop burners and pans (ideal for chef stations where open flames are permitted)

  • Butane portable tabletop stoves and pans

  • Soup vide machines (large and smaller capacity for events and dinner parties)

  • Disposable bamboo ware (every size plate/bowl/platter)

  • ...and more!

Call us at 914-494-9951 so we can go over your rental needs to determine what you will need from outside rental vendors (we have a couple of vendors we recommend the highest due to their excellent inventory and customer service) and what we can provide you.