"I'm a foodie.  All of my buddies are foodies.  The Bachelor Party weekend, and for all the fun we had, the highlight was, hands down, Mangia and Enjoy's incredble meal.  We are all still talking about it." 

- Jason Pail,

Brooklyn, NY

"Sarah catered a casual buffet for a family pool party and everything was delicious and nicely presented. We opted for a ‘drop off’ of room temp foods and it worked out great..nothing to keep hot and no work for me so I could enjoy my company. She threw an unexpected bonus jug of fresh lemonade in....and it was the perfect mixer with some good Gin that evening. Ha!

Thanks Sarah! You were a pleasure to work with...but mostly, you were kind."

Michelle Heitmann, Saugerties, NY

Facebook Review posted July, 2018

"Sarah and her Mangia and Enjoy team provided my retreat group with 3 meals a day for 4 days and did a fantastic job! The food was delicious, varied and healthy and met the needs of all of our participants beautifully. Sarah and her staff were super-easy to work with; they were very responsive to our many needs and always willing to go the extra steps to make everything perfect. Wonderful food, wonderful caterer, highly recommend!"

Patricia T, GTA, NYC, NY

June 2017 and June 2018


Mangia and Enjoy! truly provided the type of food and service that every couple dreams of having at their wedding. My wife and I were adamant from the get-go about having a fully vegetarian wedding that would also feature a handful of vegan options for a guest count of 150 and were nervous about finding someone who could not only cater a vegetarian wedding but could also deliver the type of dishes that were so delicious they would make our carnivorous guests forget the absence of their favorite proteins. Not only did Chef Sarah and her amazing crew deliver on all fronts, but we even had some of our most devout meat-eaters in attendance come up to us to let us know they will be giving a meat-free diet a try on the strength of Sarah's cooking and menu design. We can not stress enough how strong a chef Sarah is! She will custom design your menu based on your likes and dislikes and, for vegetarians especially, you will find no better chef to treat your guests to the meat-free meal of their lives. The food was hands down the number one thing at our wedding our guests couldn't stop raving about. Some advice, the more precise you are with Sarah on exactly what you want, the closer you will get to the food of your dreams so don't be coy and make sure to be as specific as possible. She can honestly do anything, and her passion for cooking is second to none, as is the quality of her amazing staff.

Reviewed on 10/29/2016

by Catherine and Matt,

Brooklyn, NY


"The range, blends, uniqueness, and overall quality of the food is excellent. What a treat for the taste buds, its like an explosion in your mouth, yummy. The entire world should experience this!!!!"

- Gus Lau, NJ


Chef Sarah is INCREDIBLE! I hired her to cater our cast/crew for a film and was truly the best. She met all of our dietary requests while also making some of tastiest food I've ever had. It was so refreshing to work with someone so professional yet also warm and friendly. She became part of our film family! Would hire again in a heartbeat.

Reviewed on 11/05/2016

by Ariana , NYC


"Sarah is a fantastic chef who creates delectable, organic meals perfect for any occasion! Think of delicious farm to table presentation at your home or event: perfect.                You won't be sorry!" 

                                 -Chiemi K., NYC/LA                                                                                                                  

The range of Chef Sarah Chianese's offerings is extraordinary, her dishes fresh, exciting and inviting. Too often a busy chef will fall back on a half dozen or more standard dishes when arranging a meal, but not here. Instead, the options are wide open and the focus on you. Most important, the food is sensational, rich and delicious, dish after dish.



"Best caterer I've ever used!
Aside from delicious food the presentation is exceptional."                                                                                                           - Judy Jamison, Woodstock, NY


"This brunch is, well, it's beyond absurd.  I could never have asked for anything better!"

- Triscia Ascott, NYC


Chef Sarah Chianese does indeed cook from the heart - you can taste the love in each and every bite. The guests at our events are always delighted with her personality, presentation, and passion. Sara is my go-to caterer for intimate soirees and large events. Reliable, professional and sooo delicious! I highly recommend Mangia and Enjoy.

Reviewed on 10/28/2016 

Terry D, Woodstock, NY


"I don't know how she does it.  Never before have I seen someone take such fresh, wholesome ingredients and turn them into an explosion of flavor in your mouth transferred into your heart.  She says she cooks with Love as the first ingredient, and it shows...boy!  Does it show!  Phenomenal!!"

- Ron & Regina, New Paltz, NY

Chef Sarah prepared an amazing dinner/experience for my dinner party. From the moment she walked into my house the energy level was elevated and we all knew the night was going to be special. The food that she prepared was truly special and delicious, In fact I will use the same 2 words to describe her personality as well. Special and delicious. She added so much to our overall experience. Sarah thank you for an amazing night and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Bravo!

Reviewed on 10/29/2016

Jason Safreit, Windswept Farms, NY

We had the opportunity to hire Sarah and her helpers to prepare a major feast for 12 cousins in my house. Although we have a pretty high end kitchen, she brought all he own tools to cook with. The menu planning took place several weeks before the event, thereby giving Sarah time to get all the best ingredients that were available. Not only was the food all spectacular, the presentation of each and every item was off the charts beautiful. She was even able to satisfy one crazy cousin as well as provide a vegetarian solution for another cousin. From the pre-dinner nibbles (@6PM) to completing dinner and cleanup, Sarah was here for 6 hours. My wife and I would not hesitate to call her for any future events that we hold, knowing that we need not worry about a thing. Sarah worked diligently and quietly while the rest of talked, drank wine and told stories. Her individually served plates were done as well as any very high end restaurant. Many of us have been privileged enough to eat in great restaurants around the world and this dinner was as good as it gets. Thanks Sarah!!!

Reviewed on 11/15/2016    

Ira and Bev , Woodstock, NY


Chef Sarah is incredible. She has catered two events for me. An intimate Birthday celebration and an anniversary dinner party. Both greatly surpassed expectations. Sarah's food is fresh, delicious, beautiful and different. She listens to all requests and makes the events so personal and special. I look forward to our next event with Sarah.

Sara and Anthony Vandemeer,

NYC/Saugerties, NY


Sarah cooks not just food but an experience. Everything she does is done with love so it goes beyond good flavor and presentation. Every time she cooks for us, our family and friends we have the night of our lives. Thank you Sarah! We heart you :)

Renetta  & Mike Wong,

Brooklyn/New Paltz, NY


Mangia and Enjoy is truly a dream catering service!! The food was beyond anything I could have asked for, blew my and my guests away. We hired them for my bachelorette dinner party which was more intimate and decided to hire them for the wedding as well which was of course a much larger scale event. Would recommend to anyone who has special dietary needs! It was delicious!!!

Karen P,

Westchester, NY:


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