Here are a few menus customized for various events or private dinners we have served, (client’s personal information omitted for privacy) just to give you an idea of the variety of culinary splendor we can create for you!


Every single one of our menus is completely customized to every single client depending on your world flavor preferences, dietary restrictions/concerns, allergies, aversions and ultimate favorites you’d love to either have our version of, or surprise you with some of our signature dishes that will delight everyone in your gathering!


We are definitely the caterers/private chefs for those of you who are obsessed with exceptional quality and scrumptious tasting food.

Mid-Summer Sample Menu

May  Sample menu

wedding farewell brunch

Wedding day party

vegetarian fall wedding

May Paleo retreat 

rehearsal dinner 

Hopefully, you’ve gotten hungry after perusing some of these menus...(there are many more...but this gives you an idea) and we can’t wait to create one that will delight you and your guests to no end!


Contact us today to reserve your date with as much advance notice as possible as many dates are booked months/years in advance.  We look ever so forward to feeding you!  Mangia and Enjoy!

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There is literally no limit as to what we can create for you!

Please NoteOur prices are generally higher  than most Hudson Valley  & Colorado area Caterers (but not all!) - the reason being is we ALWAYS start with the absolute highest quality, organic, local ingredients...our meats/poultry are always all-natural, pasture raised, hormone-free, locally and lovingly raised (and humanely slaughtered) and our fish/seafood is always wild, not farmed.


Fresh herbs, loads of flavor, creativity and LOVE in every bite!

We also take food safety and hygiene VERY seriously...NYS Dept. of Health Food Safety Certified...this is of utmost importance!  Our respect for food and for you is insurmountable!

“When you make food with sincerity without losing your concentration, the food will reveal its true taste.” ~ Immortal Classic